Monday, December 17, 2007


I use the term melting frequently. I hold mental pictures of shaving foam sagging or snow dissolving in the sun. My favorite is chocolate shapes turning into gooey messes. When I was boy my mother would give me a hollow chocolate bunny at Easter and it would invariably melt. I see those bunnies.

Melt is the (often spontaneous) decay of structure. It is usually caused by dissonance in trying to apply structures to phenomena where outrageous conclusions must be drawn when that structure is applied. It thus can arise when two (or more) structures come into conflict (e.g. religion and science, or East and West).

Melt is part of life when order is under stress by learning. It is also a byproduct of innovation.

A leaderless organization is one where melting is minimized by dis-association with structure.

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