Saturday, December 15, 2007

Managing my digital life

I generally blog when I have something to say that merits 15 minutes or more of concentrated thought. That goes here from now on.

Random ideas and utterances generally go to Twitter.

Facebook is where I maintain an online identity...movies, pictures, games and whatnot.

LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, Ning and Xing, are places where I have some professional or old friend interaction.

Email and google reader keep me up to date. I prefer to receive these on a big screen but I'm thinking I'll be moving to something like an iPhone sooner rather than later for a lot of it.

I use iGoogle and Google docs but I tend to edit in MS Word still. I know it well.

I love Tumblr as my clipboard.

I use Skype for VoIP (long distance phone calls for free to family using wireless links...) I also use Google Talk for this.

When in doubt, email me, but any of these will do. I more and more rely on twitter as my life begins to accelerate again.

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