Saturday, December 15, 2007


I've never been one much for painting words into a corner. They wiggle too much for that. And I think by and large they should wiggle...

Enabling is something like helping, but it is also different. Enabling is more pivotal. It fulfills an essential articulation between action and failed attempt. But enabling never seeks hegemony.

Teachers enable more than help. It's a sort technology really. Enabling with regard to learning is a means to open up capacities that would otherwise probably sit dormant.

Enabling is not accidental. It need not be planned but it isn't pure serendipity as I mean to use it. You cannot accidentally facilitate a meeting as an enabling leader...that said, you can enable some outcome accidentally. That's a quibble.

By enabling leadership I mean something someone does to move someone from a place they are to a place they want to be under the moral weight of making a decision to assist. It is that moral weight, the feeling of it, that embodies the leadership I'd like to describe. And that weight is, to my mind, almost always suspended in tension with other desires and prospects.

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