Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interesting Point of View...Competency-based Training

Click on the title above to go to a brief article on successful comptency-based training and development--at the core of my work over the last 70 days that has pulled me away from regularly blogging.

I'll be back soon. Reformulating my ideas... To preview, I'm think CBT is the link to proactive change management in highly structured organizations. Nothing new there, but what is new is the idea that "development" and its richer sister "training" are now the most important organizational elements in the modern firm. Ironic since they are all but ignored when one thinks skills are readily available in an open market. Trouble is...they are not.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the question we have to ask?

Can we source ready-made from the market? (And if so what are we doing that is so special?) And it not how do we develop and maintain competence.

Micheal Riley at Surrey has written on this extensively in the hotel industry. Chefs tend to change jobs to get more experience . Hotel managers serve apprenticeships.

Looking forward to your thoughts

Ryan Lanham said...

How does one balance learner-centric and mass customization? Hard to say...growth has to be individualized...learner-directed...and yet there must be some structure to allow for organization...the balance? Depends on the organization. In leaderless organizations I'd expect there to be a focus on mission and values...a collaborative focus, but a focus nonetheless.

Jon said...

Be careful about over-enthusiasm regarding competency-based training, in my opinion .. formed from more than 10 years of developing and helping to implement competency models in various areas of people management processes.

You can email me if you want to discuss further.

Jon said...

oh .. I thought my Blogger identity would leave my last name .. it's Jon Husband