Thursday, December 27, 2007

Relativity and Definition -- Careers

People with careers furthest into the 2.0 world will have the most difficult time explaining what it is they do for a living. Explanations will require a story--a narrative. In that narrative a great deal of sensemaking will occur. For example, "I 'do' Twitter so that I can keep up with rapidly evolving trends among Technorati types..."

In fact a person may have no idea why they may be a combination of fun, habit, interest, a need for validation by well-known people, etc. It may be something that is "part" of their work or not. Nothing is clearly in or out.

It will also be unlikely that a person will be able to quickly express a linkage to one institution--as in...I work for X. People will be confused when you ask them to explain their affiliations which will be blurred and overlapping. This is the melting of definitions.

The recent cell phone commercial where people explain that they need a network that works in...and then goes on to combine 4 or 5 well-known places into one an example.

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